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Our Space Travel Campaign defined

Who wants to go?

At each tier of travel award, we use the number of Unlimited accounts needed to pay for that travel service using one month of fees as the rule.  By the time we reach each level, our lower cost “Value” users should be 80% of the business.  I am confident reators, micro businesses and small car lots will love the Value level of  service due to all the upgrades available.   Any user can become an affiliate and participate in the top tier Space Flight program by networking our service with their unique links, banners and coupons we will provide once the user applies via their account management page.

Why now represents a Space Travel Opportunity for the common man or woman.

OUR BELOVED FREE users are creating “traffic” businesses want to see to justify advertising on, so we are very happy to reward all our flight-capable advertisers with a chance to fly to space when an affiliate forfeits and takes an optional cash award of not more than ten percent of the travel cost per our estimates.

We will offer a 10% cash award as option for each affiliate space flight award in case a Space Travel award winner wants to take the money.  They will have plenty of cash on hand at that point in time anyway, as a top affiliate.  I want to see them fly but we will award their seat to another advertiser if they forfeit.  We will keep the balance of the money in the flight program to fly our alternates who can be any user-advertiser on we will select by lottery or special campaign when the time draws near.

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Who wants to partner with us for stronger communities, a cleaner ecology,  and possibly fly in space?

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Randall Stephens planning for the future

Randall Stephens and Orlan EVA suit in Moscow

-Randall Stephens Founder and CEO

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AdBirds to Space… What about yesterday’s press release?

6/08/2010    – About yesterday’s press release.

Some would wonder; “why travel ten miles from home”?…  Many of us like to travel and relax.  I prefer tropical or mountain locations.  Some intrepid folks have vacationed in space even,  with Space Adventures expertly handling the details for a price.  Only the very wealthy have been able to be space tourists so far.  This has just changed.

Yesterday I placed my plans on an ad promoting our affiliate marketing program; – a very serious goal having been set to send people – top tier affiliates – first to Hawaii,  then a 60-mile space visit lasting minutes in the weightless environment as offered by Virgin Galactic, or perhaps another company.  The top tier goal will have us purchasing a dedicated Soyuz Earth-orbital flight, or perhaps provided by a domestic company.    And our top tier goal will have us planning and paying for a lunar mission.

We will send a top marketing affiliate or person representing the affiliate account holder – or alternate – to the moon within 5 – 8 years.  We plan to reach our lunar goal and announce the top aware within 5 years.

Randall F. Stephens  Founder of

AdBirds CEO Randall Stephens

What if the opportunity is forfeited?  We will now offer a wild-card chance for an advertiser chosen randomly or via a contest by us to take a seat on a space ride at each level in case an affiliate award winner forfeits their ride and takes a smaller cash award.  We will select alternates this way too.  The common man or woman may fly in space due to the growth program.

Let me restate this… Now any advertiser on our unique website may have a chance at space travel.  There would be myriad details in the offer, and I would not want to create false impressions here.  This is what we plan to do.

Who wants to go?   We will contact the winners privately and confidentially of course.  Once agreements are signed the announcements will come.

We have to reach our tiered goals first.   Starting with a trip for two to Hawaii for each 100 of the next 1000 paid Unlimited accounts we will send a top affiliate on a trip.  Then comes the drive to space flight!

We might even partner with other companies to make this happen, and hope to employ some of the talent NASA is losing as it shifts it’s mission profile.

I believe in empowering people and helping local organizations.  There is so much we will be able to do once adbirds is all grown up.  First you have to set the goal.  Then you have to fund the operations.  That is up to bloggers,  organizatons and network marketers who will become our affiliates and fly with Arte (the ad bird ).

Come fly with us!  Create an account.  Log in.  Apply to become a marketing affiliate and we will give you the tracking link and a coupon to share.   A coupon is simply a word which when used to upgrade any account, allows two months free trial and pays the affiliate.  Currently we are signing all affiliates at the 33.33% level and track/pay on all active referral accounts until 12/31/2040.    100 Unlimited accounts will pay you $1000 a month.   Organizations can get paid 40% as well as Publishers.

Newspapers can also participate and use their affiliate links in their header of footer as well as post unlimited ads replicating those they sell to their local clients.  What an idea!  We are not the new media’s enemy.  We are their friend.  We all need a strong news media.

Realtors,  shop keepers and service companies will love our rates.   Your neighbors and friends can advertise up to five ads free with more photos and video embeds and more.  Your favorite local organization can use upgrades for free, enjoy your recommendation links at the top of your ads,  hold online garage sales with user groups to associate all ads of group members.

We are at your service.   What else can we design for you?

Have a great day!