AdBirds Online Classified Ad Site Links Free Ads To Free Travel and Free Shopping Giveaways – Even Space Tourism Awards

AdBirds Online Classified Ad Site Links Free Ads To Free Travel and Free Shopping Giveaways – Even Space Tourism Awards

The AdBirds business approach empowers people to connect, buy, sell, earn, save, build and close to the home or workplace.  There is a built – in eco benefit for shortest-distance search to the item or brand level.  People need results now, or reasons to advertise on a new site.
How do you get people to switch from what they know (cragislist, ebay, autotrader, etc.) to what they want, even when they never heard if it?   Incentives will help, once people know about our growth plan.  We have recently launched a Travel + Incentives page to announce the programs.

How can expect to pay for the awards?   We have tied a proven business model to growth targets.  To explain, the value of our Unlimited service accounts will pay for the incentives.  We have a budget for giving away $1500.00 every time a hundred thousand free ads are placed.  Businesses want to be exposed where the traffic is high.
Our product is fixed-price for all user accounts, so when you register a Value or Unlimited account, your cost will never increase.  That is another important incentive for businesses to join up and start advertising now.

Rather than a fifty-thousand-foot view of the business,  I like to think of our product and the market in three dimensional terms.  I am grounded in the original questions now answered by the design and functions of our site;  (how to) “.. serve people, business, charities and ecology”?   Looking to the future, we plan for continuous improvement on the site, expanded category development, improved search features, and of course promote our incentives to switch from the old school, 20th century iconoclasts of online resale advertising.

Will we sell stock privately or offer via IPO?   Maybe, but at this time I am focused on growth by developing strategic marketing partnerships with giants of specific industries.  Each SMP will be linked from a special page on adbirds where a prize winner can redeem a prize voucher for our first level prize awards.    As our “Wanted” ad states, we are seeking Strategic Marketing Partners who will be able to lock out their competition from the program, share links, conduct visual campaigns via coupons on receipts, webmail and in-store campaigns.   Their affiliate payouts will be powerful, and the ultimate prize may be worth tens of millions when the top affiliates cash in their space travel vouchers.  That will be the exciting day when we run a free lottery campaign so some lucky, flight-capable winner will go to space, maybe even around the moon.

I’m in this business to win, empower people, and help our customers win like never before!   – Randall Stephens

AdBirds Links Space Tourism, free ads, prizes, business offers, strategic partnerships

About adbirds founder
Everyone loves clean water and air. Solutions to ecological issues can be business-driven. With help of a few Austin area professionals we designed a better mousetrap to pay back for my carbon footprint. If this works, the adbirds web site may help shoppers save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, - which is a good thing... "List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas"! - Randall Stephens Founder,

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