Endorsement: Kris Bailey for Austin City Council

This is a first as I want to generally stay out of politics,  but as a member of the Austin community, I have often been appalled at decisions and policies of our local government.

Kris Bailey is a young man with excellent core values, who wants to represent the people of Austin first.   I first learned about Kris Bailey on facebook.

I plan to vote for Kris Bailey!

– Randall Stephens

AdBirds founder and CEO

About adbirds founder
Everyone loves clean water and air. Solutions to ecological issues can be business-driven. With help of a few Austin area professionals we designed a better mousetrap to pay back for my carbon footprint. If this works, the adbirds web site may help shoppers save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, - which is a good thing... "List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas"! - Randall Stephens Founder, adbirds.com

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