A Trip to California

I had a great trip to California last Friday, meeting with the principals and partners of International Emergency Services Inc. (IES) – a new company formed to import and operate the Russian made, Beriev, Be-200. This amazing special purpose aircraft was designed for multiple purposes, and happens to be the best aerial firefighter in the world.

The IES team of 26 plus the manufacturer (49%), is headed by CEO David Basket of Santa Maria, CA. I have been tentatively named director of maintenance (DOM) and will establish the maintenance and support programs for the Beriev aircraft owned and operated in the USA.

This is a very exciting development in my personal career, and although will NOT take me away from developing AdBirds and AD&M, is a major milestone. This team collectively will do what I have wanted to do since first seeing and inspecting the Be-200 in 2001 at the Moscow Air & Space Salon (MAKS).

See my post on LinkedIn or visit the IES website for a video of this amazing and life-saving air tanker which is much – needed here in the USA.

The Be-200 is a door-opener and will preface future heavy aircraft projects to come. Watch for more announcements!

Most of the $400 Million needed has been committed by an investment firm. Inquirers and Media are welcome to contact David Baskett via the website.


By the way, we plan to allow advertising on fuselage of these popular aircraft and can provide details upon inquiry.

Would you like to win a trip to the California Wine Country?  Post an ad and you are automatically entered.

Beriev Be-200 coming to California

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