Will we help? Yes, and here is how we do it.

On a visit to Moscow in 2005,  Randall Stephens found the Orlan space suit a cool prop.Linda Botello, an outstanding local realtor and I helped form a local business networking group several years ago, and have remained loyal referral partners long since moving on.   She sent me an email the other day, after a friend of hers announced she is retiring and needed to sell some neat antique items from her long-time Pflugerville, Texas restaurant known locally as the European Bistro, which closes August 31st.  Anna is retiring and her building will soon house new businesses.

My family was out of town last week, and I was getting hungry so after the owner, “Anna” sent me an email, I drove over for a look at her items and have a bite to eat.   Anna had already posted several antique items for sale,  and an employment ad.  By the way:  She needs a dishwasher.  Funny how people start looking for work when you plan to close.

Even a temporary job is a good thing when you need employment, and since the most widely known online ad site charges for employment ads,  placing her free ads on adbirds was a great idea since we network ads for free via FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn among others.
I promised to network her ads, and after Anna served a delicious dish of Hungarian cabbage rolls with paprika enhanced sauerkraut I decided to go the distance with our full Google AdWords service for the same price.   – Free, pointing to her adbirds online ads.  Then there is the blog thing, done across various topics under AD&M Publications.

It was time to drive some traffic to the Furniture and Employment categories,  and since Anna is such a great businesswoman (yep, a free gourmet quality dinner) she deserves everything one can do.   What is everything, anyway?

The free stuff was easy.  Anna placed several ads, and adbirds networks them out for free.  Clients can take advantage of the rest, including Search Engine Optimization (referred to as; “SEO”) services on-page and off-page where we build links.  AdBirds Online Services also handles services like Google AdWords,  Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook with very affordable setup and management fees based on account requirements.

Every advertising budget is limited, and deserves measured, effective management that works for the client to generate sales.

That brings me to what we are:  AdBirds Online Services and AD&M Advertising, branded under the same company.  adbirds design and market incorporated of austin texas, provides SEO,  link building,  adwords account management services, special publications, PR and various advertising services.We also have AD&M Publications now, where we create and manage industry-specific media.  “We” is currently defined as direct providers for link – building, coding and artwork, the stockholders (yours truly), and adbirds.com at this point, all under  a little Texas corporate entity “AdBirds Design & Market Inc.”.    Dang, that’s a mouthful.

But don’t worry,  we’ll make your advertising turnaround painless, affordable, and the best decision you make this year.   Contact us via adbirds for a free quote and initial consultation.

Or contact me directly if you are ready to set an appointment.
AD&M Advertising  “Our methods,  your success”!
– Randall  Stephens         Call or text (512) 796-5339

Visit our website, place free ads,  share with your friends on facebook, twitter, and by email today.

About adbirds founder
Everyone loves clean water and air. Solutions to ecological issues can be business-driven. With help of a few Austin area professionals we designed a better mousetrap to pay back for my carbon footprint. If this works, the adbirds web site may help shoppers save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, - which is a good thing... "List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas"! - Randall Stephens Founder, adbirds.com

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