Take A Minute

Take A Minute

Count a minute in seconds

Imagine the numbers as chairs on a carousel

Each chair is a year of live as it moves toward you, and past your moment in time

Imagine the year as it approaches and what significant thing you did that year

How soon do you wish to slow the carousel and live in that year for a bit longer?

Each minute in life is a gift

We don’t know how many chairs are on the carousel

You don’t have to accept the gift, but may choose to live in the moment

There’s always time to walk with your friend.

-Randall Stephens                  

Austin has a new event marketing service

announcing Fission512 - a new event marketing service in Austin TexasManaging time and activities is critical for success.  At 51 I have learned to take notes and set a schedule.   The most important element of my day is making sure the client is served, gets a positive response and follow-up on the action items of yesterday.   The last week or so, I have seen the adbirds website spin when it needed to connect.  That’s just wrong!   These days we are all used to speed, and seeing a browser hunt is inexcusable when we want to see our hosted site snap to attention.

I regret to say our 4 year-old wind & sun powered, dedicated server ran out of wind.  The good news is that a new server is up and transfer request has been initiated as of 9:23 this morning.  Hostgator is a great provider, and we can expect the transfer to be completed within 25-72 hours.

If any paid subscriber experiences down time for their ads, we’ll refund the entire month. I doubt this will occur; let’s see.


Another development this week is the launch of AD&M’s* new Fission512 unit to provide a communications channel for our advertising services.   Fission512 will provide event marketing services in Austin, as well as SEO, SEM, cost per click advertising, banners, graphics and print collateral, entertainers, actors and models for events and public appearances, as well as street-level open air advertising.

Fission512 is “Austin’s Atomic Advertising”!   We’ll make sure our clients are noticed by visitors during major events, around sports venues and conventions.  Questions?
Check the schedule of events in your area or ours and contact Fission512 by AD&M*, for great advertising any time of the year.

See:  www.Fission512.com for local or web advertising services.


*AdBirds Design & Market Inc.  PO Box 170189 Austin, Tx 78717