Take A Minute

Take A Minute

Count a minute in seconds

Imagine the numbers as chairs on a carousel

Each chair is a year of live as it moves toward you, and past your moment in time

Imagine the year as it approaches and what significant thing you did that year

How soon do you wish to slow the carousel and live in that year for a bit longer?

Each minute in life is a gift

We don’t know how many chairs are on the carousel

You don’t have to accept the gift, but may choose to live in the moment

There’s always time to walk with your friend.

-Randall Stephens                  

About adbirds founder
Everyone loves clean water and air. Solutions to ecological issues can be business-driven. With help of a few Austin area professionals we designed a better mousetrap to pay back for my carbon footprint. If this works, the adbirds web site may help shoppers save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, - which is a good thing... "List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas"! - Randall Stephens Founder, adbirds.com

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