Remember, Evolve, Never Quit

There’s nothing wrong with a lesson. Every successful person has failed many, many times. How many times do you think a gymnast got smashed in the privates before sticking his or her feet on the balance beam? Life is like that.

If you created an account on adbirds in 2009, chances are we upgraded it to Unlimited status late that year. Those account holders have Unlimited 365 – day ads from now on.
Soon. we will unveil a new offer to help us upgrade and grow adbirds to the potential I saw in 2009 when this version went live.

“Better than before, and better than all” is my goal for adbirds in 2020. Let’s do this thing! Watch for updates and opportunities to come. Create an account today and use it, share it, and help our environment one ad at a time. The larger adbirds gets, the more people will save on fuel shopping online and buying locally with our distance and fuel calculator for listed items

Happy New Year! from
Randall Stephens a.k.a. “Arte the adbird”


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