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Welcome to adbirds!

We developed adbirds in Austin and operate under a corporate charter in the State of Texas.  It is our “founder’s plan” to operate this website as a business dedicated to fostering responsible stewardship and growth in every community.

Our Austin based team developed the adbirds website as a tool for local buyers and sellers to find each other by shortest distance for any item or service listed by a seller.   On adbirds you can list free, and share your ads safely.

It is my dream to help millions of people save fuel when they opt to purchase an item in their own community, one quart or gallon at a time.  This is the adbirds “green goal”, and our team developed the “get distance” fuel cost calculator so you know about what you will spend to reach your item by motor vehicle, and the distance in any case.

Local retailers can play a big role in making the adbirds green goal a success by becoming Unlimited subscribers and listing all their items and services with our unique inventory uploader.  It only takes minutes, and we will even configure a store’s spreadsheet for free upon request.   When listing so many items, the store’s SEO rankings can improve vastly, while your listings help reduce air and water pollution.

Local micro – businesses can become Value subscribers and list up to 30 items with all the space needed for templates used by realtors and auto brokers, as well as embedded video.

Local organizations can set up Charity accounts to get the Value capabilities for free, and are encouraged to set up user groups, become affiliates, and have group fundraising drives using the adbirds website.  We want to help, so you can contact me directly with the Contact Us tab on every page.  By sharing your special affiliate coupon or link with local businesses, they can support you with their subscription while using our services.

We’ll also “network” the ads for free!

Does anyone do more for free?   We want to know and grow.  Let me know if I can improve our service for you, for your community, and for your success.

Have a fantastic day!

Randall Stephens
Founder and CEO

PS.   Please visit us on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

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