Give more and grow more, from free resale to competitive edge for brick and mortar local businesses everywhere

After selling items online for some time, I decided to develop a competitive answer to what’s wrong with the industry’s number one mostly – free ad site and hired a contractor to build it, which turned out to be quite a lengthy education.  Several iterations of my dream later, we launched adbirds in early 2009, with more to learn about internet marketing.

Doing “free” -only better.

Free is a powerful word, or so I heard.  So we developed  more service for free, and named user account “stores” with 5 free ads in every category,  ten free image uploads,  video embed capability and a better text editor (Visual Designer) than most sites use even today.  Our site accepts html templates that work on eBay Motors and Craigslist.  Flyers such as VFlyer provides for CL work well with our site to produce professional looking real estate, motor vehicle or boat ads on adbirds as well.

Our mantra for the design team remains to serve for the betterment of;  People,  Business,  Charity and Ecology.  Helping consumer resellers, micro business grow,  local mom and pop retail compete with big box across town, or helping a community based organization with free upgrades,  user groups,  header links from any user account and affiliate fundraising were features we designed into the function and feel of adbirds.  I always ask; “What more can we do”?

We have recently upgraded adbirds’ user account registration system to show a Google map to any store address in the world when the user opts for a map link, and we provide that for free as well.  Any level of adbirds user can opt for map links now, which was originally provided with the idea that consumers would find local, brick and mortar businesses while free users would not need it.  Even better, the shopper can click for driving directions from Google after searching by shortest distance for any listed item.

Upgrades are for growth….

For businesses needing more than five ads, and more (75k characters of) content, we have two paid service level upgrades which are;  Value and Unlimited.  A free user can upgrade too, once the micro business grows to a $5.00 marketing budget…

– Value registration now allows up to 50 ads with the above features and 30 day run times which should help realtors and small, note lot car dealers for only $5.00 per month or $55.00 a year when paid annually.  For sale by owner?  Use a flyer template!

– Unlimited user accounts provide all the above mentioned services plus an unlimited number of ads,  365-day run times, and a spreadsheet inventory uploader to create an SEO – friendly ad for every item or service in the store within a few minutes.

Unlimited service upgrades, and our mapping / “get distance” fuel cost calculator are provided to help local shoppers find specifically what they want in a local, brick and mortar store, be it a Mom and Pop or big box retailer – by shortest driving distance.  We tell you how much you will spend on fuel to get to the store right on the ad and in the search results scroll-down on

Build it, and they will come.  Make it better, and local media will write stories about it… Well, maybe not.

For some time I have worked on the chicken-or-egg matter regarding population of the adbirds website for auto, real estate, service and retail industry.  I did local radio and limited tv with little in the marketing budget – like the people we want to serve.

“Let’s provide incentives”!   We came up with an “affiliate” code system that provides payouts with a tracking link and coupon for partners who will help propagate the site.

If a company, a shut-in, or organization becomes an adbirds user and an affiliate, your tracking link could look like; aword and your coupon for personally entering an account coupon at registration as Value or Unlimited could be:   aword  (or anything you want for that matter).

A banner can carry your tracking link pointing to adbirds, and when any account is created within 30 days from that click-through (provided the user accepts a cookie), your account will be credited.  I recommend selling your clients on adbirds due to our green, family-friendly and eco friendly format and we can help with the details, plus guarantee most of our end is spent on marketing in their area.


Print media, even those with websites consider us competition.  Go figure.  I had a hard time getting any love from Austin radio or tv too, so we created user groups,  affiliate code, a Travel Incentives program with awards scaled to specific growth targets, and prize contests.   What more can we do?  “Calling all agencies, car and motorcycle dealers, real estate companies, restaurants and retailers”!

Randall Stephens, founder,

“Team AdBirds” to work with community based organizations, booster clubs, charities who will help us spread the word about our free and business level online classified advertising services.

Are you with a school booster club, community outreach program, or some form of 501.c3 charity?  AdBirds wants to help!

Let’s get started now.

AdBirds has reopened the “affiliate” program in order to team up with community based organizations and charitable organizations.  Any registered user can become and “affiliate” and help their favorite charitable / community organization.  If the user is not a charity or end user of the donations, such as a publisher or on air announcer,  all they need to do is promise to make a donation to the organization from their affiliate payment.

Here’s how it works:

Charitable and community based organizations can create their free Charity account with Value level services from adbirds at no cost or obligation other than our Terms and Conditions.

The organization’s adbirds account manager can log in and apply for the affiliate program within his/her account page.

When we have the org’s info we will contact the manager or welcome his or her call.

AdBirds will work with the account manager to create a special “coupon” and tracking link which can be shared online,  on print or radio and tv.

We will email a special .pdf flier which the organization can take to local stores, which will state all the great services adbirds provides Value and Unlimited account holders along with the special coupon – usually a word, name, or initials of the organization, which when used during account creation or upgrade, credits and pays the organization with each client payment.

AdBirds will donate or pay – depending on the affiliate’s status, 33% x each credited Value or Unlimited account, on the 15th day of the month:

Value account monthly = $5.00 per month x 1/3 = $1.65 per Value account per month x total.

Value account annually = $55.00 per year x 1/3 = $18.15 per Value account per year x total.

Unlimited account monthly = $30.00/mo. x 1/3 = $10.00 per credited account x total number.

Unlimited account annually = $330.00/yr. x 1/3 = $110.00 per credited account x total number.

The client’s subscription rate will never be increased.

AdBirds will send every Value and Unlimited customer a Team Adbirds sticker and We’re with the bird! adbirds logo sticker that can be placed at the front door or point of sale so they will not be solicited further.  Note: Some organizations may offer to provide assistance with ad placement or account management.   Such additional services provided by the affiliate for the adbirds customer are not guaranteed or endorsed by adbirds!

AdBirds will also socially network their ads and perform SEO and cost-per-click services to help users find their ads via search engines, and even help with a store’s inventory upload.

online classified advertising – eco and community friendly – browse ads – post ads free

List Free,  Shop Smart,  Save Gas!

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