A Lot Has Happened since … 2009

Well hello, and where have we been?

This thing of ours started a few minutes ago, going live around February 2009 aaaaannnnnd wow. Recently our friends in the #SEO community are placing ads on adbirds.com in greater numbers, as expected. That’s a good turn of events, and a lot better than some content we had been experiencing. The site needed more of my time and a lot more marketing than I’d anticipated in the early days.

In the beginning, I was married to the idea of starting in the virtual garage and growing organically. But that was unrealistic as we learned. Print, radio, television and other online media won’t mention anything about us for free. None of the expected – even local – news media would do a local business story or as human interest. eBay had been the topic we’d hear about in the late 1990s – early 2000s in between weather and sports on local TV. The anchors would say something like; ” Did you see what’s on eBay ( or CL ) today”? It had worked for another project of mine but time changes things. I’d hoped for all that, but media companies look at us as competition for their customers’ ad dollars. Simple as that.

In 2009 we met with a newspaper owner who wanted to develop an online version of their weekly free periodical, and designed a great platform for him. He then told me he wouldn’t do business with us because of what evil Craigslist had done to print news media…. ” I hate your business model“; he said. He hadn’t said that before we spent two weeks developing his project. I suppose wasting our resources was his idea of fair game but that’s ok. We could have gone to his competitors but expenses were high and time was in short supply. In fact once that newsdude’s proprietary site went live I sought to place a banner ad on it and he declined, saying we had a conflict of interest. That’s how much they hate free online advertising.

Going forward we focused on new clients to keep the doors open as a web development company. I sold that unit to a former employee and parked the #AdBirds operations in early 2010. Fortunately my airline career was still going strong and time was on my side once again. Now retired from the aviation industry, I see ways to improve AdBirds.com and grow with a new plan.

– Randall Stephens AdBirds founder & CEO, AdBirds Design & Market Inc.



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About adbirds founder
Everyone loves clean water and air. Solutions to ecological issues can be business-driven. With help of a few Austin area professionals we designed a better mousetrap to pay back for my carbon footprint. If this works, the adbirds web site may help shoppers save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, - which is a good thing... "List Free, Shop Smart, Save Gas"! - Randall Stephens Founder, adbirds.com

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